Wednesday, July 13, 2011


So you may ask how I have been enjoying my vacation after all the travel. Well, I have been indulging my passion for crime novels. Just imagine me with a cup of tea, a sleepy cat, a comfy chair and a Scandinavian/Icelandic/British crime novel.

That has been my summer indulgence so far.
I compiled this Book list yesterday. Bear in mind, I wouldn't necessarily recommend them all.

Dahl, K.O.                                                                         
            The Fourth Man

French, Tana
            In the Woods
            The Likeness
            Faithful Place

Indridason, Arnaldur
Erlandur series:       
Jar City
            Silence of the Grave

Larsson, Stieg
The girl with the dragon tattoo
The girl who played with fire
The girl who kicked the hornet’s nest

Mankell, Henning
Kurt Wallander series:
            The White Lioness
            The Pyramid
The Man from Beijing

Nesbo, Jo
Harry Hole series:    
The Redbreast
The Devil's Star
The Snowman
Rankin, Ian
John Rebus series:
            Knots and Crosses
            Hide and Seek
            Resurrection Man

            Box 21

Smith, Tom Rob
            Child 44

I have to say, I am a bit tired of drunken detectives. Come on! Harry Hole and John Rebus just seem to disintegrate under pressure. I tend to prefer the characters of Siobhan Clarke, Ellen Gjelten, Beate Lonn. They do the real work of piecing together the evidence that leads the investigation. It seems that Hole and Rebus can't walk down a street in Oslo and Edinburgh without stopping in a pub for a drink. This may be why I adore Blomkvist and Salander so much. Like me they prefer caffeine to alcohol. :P