Sunday, September 2, 2012

Safe Home

I arrived back at RDU at about 3:00 pm on Saturday.  Hank was there to greet me after collecting my bag and going through customs. The flight was painless, on time and direct. I  read the new William Boyd Waiting for Sunrise which made the time go by on the eight hour flight.

The London part of the trip was greater than anticipated. I was able to see both Cambridge and Oxford, both beautiful university towns. Liz Dewar gets the award for best tour guide. Having a native show you around town is a great way to go anywhere. Liz was really helpful. She knew I was interested in books and always kept that in mind wherever we were. Of course, she also knew Steph and Jim were interested in pub culture so we saw the inside of a few of those, too. I couldn't have asked for a better trip. 

I am glad to be home and will use the next 2 days to readjust to the time and organize myself for getting back to work. Thanks for reading throughout the trip. Hope you enjoyed it.