Wednesday, July 20, 2011


So I am half way through my summer vacation, and I decided I needed a project. This consequentially falls after I read through all the books on my shelf. Anyway, it started with the shower head. Omar and I were in the hardware store, and we decided that our shower head was not meeting expectations. Well, the ball started rolling from there. By the end of the weekend we had gone on a minor shopping spree at IKEA. We spent Sunday night assembling new furniture.

This is exactly what I needed! Instead of a kitchen table that I never sat at, I have more counter space and storage.

This isn't a great pic of the new piece, but Omar is sitting at a desk that is long enough for us to share. Finally desk space for me! It fits nicely along the back of the couch. It is situated with an excellent view of the neighborhood and the television! (p.s. I love the cat hair roller sticking up in the front of this pic.)

In addition, I finally bought some picture frames. IKEA is the best. The ones you see range from 2.99 - 9.99.  No kidding. Awesome.

I do not feel guilty for indulging in this redecoration. We started thinking about how things could be better in our apartment. Our apartment is space limited, and when we first moved in together we just merged everything from two households without editing. Well we edited. And it works for us.

On another note, I started jogging. Omar has been jogging in the mornings before work. I decided to start going with him. Wish me luck. No! Wish me endurance.