Thursday, August 9, 2012

One week and counting

As some of you may know, niece Lindsey and I will be leaving North Carolina for Edinburgh, Scotland  in a week.  Our primary activities on this trip will be tea drinking, book shopping and enjoying the spirit(s) of Scotland.

Niether of us has ever visited Scotland before so we are both thrilled to be going.  We've rented a flat for the week in the Grassmarket area of town, with great views of the castle. We plan to do a lot of exploring and investigating the interesting sites of Edinburgh. It just so happens that the Edinburgh Book Festival will be going on while we are there.  We have tickets to see the Ians (McEwen and Rankin) as well as China Mieville, Anne Enright and Suzanne Joinson.  There will be over 800 writers in attendance over the two weeks of the festival.  Who knows who else we will run into?  

I will be blogging and posting pictures about the book festival over on the Flyleaf Books Blog as well.  If you aren't interested in our personal escapades you can always read about the author readings and book related stuff there.  

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Anticipating Adventure

In just over a week, I will be headed to Edinburgh, Scotland with my Aunt Laurie. We will be attending the Edinburgh International Book Festival. It is so difficult to remain focused as the day of departure nears. Aunt Laurie and I will be blogging from here during the stay. So stay tuned!

Aunt Laurie in Powell's Books during her visit to PDX.