Wednesday, July 13, 2011

summer vacation 2011

Oh, the sleepy days of summer in Portland. Can I admit that I miss school? I guess that is a good sign. I am spoilt by the length of this vacation.

I guess I will use this time to catch everyone up on the summer vacation so far. I had a great first year of my grad school program. It was super busy. I didn't really understand the stress that I was under until I finally decompressed these past few weeks. One year down, one year to go. I will start student teaching in the fall at a local public high school. I don't really know how to prepare myself for it, but I can't wait nonetheless.

As soon as my term at Portland State ended, Omar and I travelled down to his hometown of San Luis to attend his brother's wedding.

It was a great time with Omar's family. We spent time with our niece, Scarlett. A super cutie pie.

I can't say enough of how much fun I had with Scarlett. She had Omar and I wrapped around her little finger. We read books and practiced walking. She loves to dance :) eh, eh, eh!

From San Luis we travelled straight to Daphne, AL to see my family and attend the Russell-Bedsole wedding. It was so great to see my brother. I hadn't seen him since July 2010.

It was wonderful for Omar and I to spend time with my parents, Derek and Caitlin, and Anna-Bellie!

All of the events around John and Amy's wedding were beautiful. The Bedsoles know how to throw a party! I wish I had a childhood pic to juxtapose against this one. We were reminiscing through old pics before the wedding of John, Terri Lynn, Derek and I on Smithfield Rd. I'll dig one up another time.

We finally returned to Portland on June 19th. What a trip! So many new beginnings. :) I wish John and Amy, Bella y Edgar and Derek and Caitlin a happy summer!