Saturday, August 18, 2012

Day One

Lindsey and I made it safely to Edinburgh which is in full festival season mode.  Crowds of people everywhere this weekend which should thin out during the week.   We are about to venture out to get a bite to eat.  We are both more exhausted than hungry but are trying to adapt to the new time.

This picture was taken earlier today in one of the tents at the book festival site in downtown Edinburgh.  We ventured over to the venue in Charlotte Square while waiting to check into our flat.  We are thrilled to be here and looking forward to a good night of sleep so we can get out and explore the sites in full form tomorrow. 

We've heard lots of pipers so we've been thinking of PapPap.  And this morning we flew over Wimbleton on our way into London and Lindsey said she would be sure to mention that to MumMum.

All is well.