Monday, August 27, 2012

Bank Holiday London

Sorry, I know it's been days since I posted.  Steph has kept me jumping since she met me at my train in King's Cross Train Station Saturday afternoon. I'll just put up a few pictures now and caption them later.

Yesterday was a wonderful day with breakfast in the park in the quaint village of Pinner, then off to Cambridge for a walk around and dinner with friends. Today we took a bus tour through London in the rain then it cleared up enough for a walk through Hyde Park and the Kensington Gardens. Really lovely.

Liz is taking me book shopping tomorrow. That will be delightful.

Laurie and Steph in Harrow

King's College Cambridge
The Round Church Cambridge

Big Ben London

The London Eye in the Rain

The Tower of London from the Red Bus

Kensington Gardens

Steph and Lizzie at the pub