Saturday, August 13, 2011

Vancouver, B.C.

Last week Omar and I travelled to Vancouver, B.C. Omar attended Siggraph 2011 while I enjoyed the city. Vancouver is a very beautiful city surrounded by water and mountains. We stayed on Coal Harbor near the conference center.

The city has plenty of green space and dedicated bike and pedestrian paths that travelled through the city, through Stanley Park and along the seawall. Carina and Joaquin showed us a fine viewpoint on Cypress Mountain and then took us for a lovely dinner on Horseshoe Bay.

I enjoyed my time in Vancouver. I toured the campus of the University of British Columbia,

visited the Museum of Anthropology,

and the Beaty Biodiversity Museum, which has the skeleton of a blue whale suspended from the ceiling. An impressive sight!  

Overall, the city endeared itself to us. Omar keeps saying we are moving to Vancouver, but I think that a few days back in PDX will cure him of this fantasy :)

-Take care,